There is a Role Only You can Fill!

You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.  (Jane Goodall)


Because we have our hands in so many things the contributions of San Gabriel Mountains Heritage Association take many forms. 


Some of us assist in the education program where excitement with hands-on science and cultural history comes alive for many students experiencing a trip to the mountains for the first time.










Some of us volunteer at the front counter of visitor centers providing valuable information to hikers and recreational visitors.













Some of us work on interpretive exhibits enjoyed by visitors, and used in educational programs.









Together we are visitor center information assistants, classroom helpers, gardeners, volunteer board members, and part-time educators, each of us doing our part to preserve our San Gabriel Mountains landscape for the generations that come after us. Whether it’s helping at the visitor centers or tax accounting, you have a skill or personal gift to share.  Get involved today by sharing your talents or making a financial contribution.  You can make a difference!



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