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Many Thanks to the Volunteers  Responsible for our Latest Work Projects!


The San Gabriel Mts. Heritage Association maintains gardens and exhibits at two education centers in the forest.  At the Mt. Baldy Visitors Center we built a reproduction of an historic southern-California Native American village.  

Volunteer groups help us maintain this exhibit along with several others.  Recently two boy scouts earned their Eagle Scout rank by combining to complete an ambitious project – building a Native American granary and restoring other components in the exhibit. 

Acorn Granary Construction 101

After building a frame the weaving begins.  Limber green willow branches are harvested and woven into the frame to begin the basket.  The tedious, time consuming work is enlivened by a happy group spending a beautiful morning in the forest.  



At the end of the morning we are halfway to our goal, and Jason Cramer from Troop 66, Rancho Cucamonga, has completed his Eagle Scout Project.  Congratulations Jason!  Jason’s group also built the granary platform.




Eric Miranda from Troop 514, Fontana, then took over to complete the project by adding the top and completing the weaving.  Eric’s group also added “finished” repair to our masonry bench inside the Kich, a traditional dwelling.





With the project completed and the granary in place, Eric’s group gathers in front.  (Eric is to the right with the Miller High School jacket).  Congratulations on a job well done!  You can see the granary in the Native American Village at the Mt. Baldy Visitors Center. 





If you or your group would like to learn how you can support our programs through volunteer efforts or assist with a financial contribution please contact us.  Your contribution will be greatly maximized and very appreciated.


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